The great Gentile world powers continue on with the (4) Greeks — highlighted by Alexander the Great (323 BC), then the Romans — probably signified most prominently in the age of (5)Augustus (27 BC).

Read Daniel, 2: 31-45 — the vision of the King of the Babylonians begins with the head of gold at the Babylonian period.   Even here, we notice that thoughts of Assyria have disappeared.

Also Read Daniel, 7: 1-14 — Daniel’s own vision of the beasts representing the 4 kingdoms of the time of Gentiles — and the scene in heaven revealing the coming of the Son of Man.  It seems like ‘the end of history’.

For the story of Josiah, Zephaniah’s king, read II Kings Chap 22 and 23, and II Chronicles 34 and 35.   Consider that Josiah stands as the last great king before the coming Day of the Lord.  He seems to be a picture of the Messiah in some ways, don’t you think?