The History of the Peloponnesian War is noted as the first attempt at an objective history.  We read of the events leading to the war, and the rise and fall of the Athenian League in the course of this war.  We study democracy, geography and the Just War.  The sovereignty of states becomes an issue.
I. book 1 – 1.2
Exordium – the greatest movement in history
II. book 1.2 – 1.24
The Archeology – relative size of the Trojan War, history of the Hellenes
III. book 1.24 – 1.89
Epidamnus – the outbreak of hostilities in unassociated colonies


Epidamnus, Corcyra, Corinth

IV. book 1.89 – 118
The Pentecontaetia
V. book 118 – 1.146

The causes of war between the Greek powers

VI. book2-book5.24

The ‘Archidamean’ or ‘ten year’ war.  Following the battle of Amphipolis (422 BC), a ‘fifty year treaty’ of alliance between Sparta and Athens is established.

VII. book 5.24 – book 5.116

The so-called Peace of Nicias is concluded.

VIII. book 6 – 6.105

Alcibiades convinces the Athenians to invade Sicily.

IX. book7

Sparta enters the campaign in Sicily in earnest – The Decelean War phase begins.

X. book 8

Recounting the events of 413 to 411, the book ends suddenly, leading us to think that Thucydides died before he could finish his work.

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