Logic III 2016 – 2107

“Delicta quis intellegit ? Ab occultis meis munda me.”  Psalmi 18 (LXX): 13

We are desirous of the Light of Truth, and so continue in Logic III to discipline our minds to turn from error.  By the continued study of categorical logic, we will hone our powers of inference whereby we may see truth by the mediation of other truths.  We will continue in the recognition of truth claims as propositions, assertions and negations in getting to the pith of a saying, by examining the place of propositional logic in argument.  Finally, we turn to the Word itself as a bearer of meaning, and consider the historical canons of material logic, known in other times as ‘grammar’.

Material logic will lead to a consideration of the modern world of ‘facts’ as we study the scientific method and the logic of probability.  Logic is the Art and Science of reasoning.  As a science it aids the main science of Theology, and as an art it supports true Philosophy, known simply as the love of wisdom.

The student of Logic will be able to recognize uses of terms, identify claims of truth, and follow an argument to its valid conclusion.  The student will possess the art of dialectic reasoning as a tool for truth-seeking, avoidance of fallacy, and a guide and advocate for the art of rhetorical persuasion.