Picture of Rome
The Ancient City of Rome

The history of ancient Rome may be divided into the Kingdom, the Republic, and the Empire.

Roman government during the monarchy:

Penguin Atlas of World History Roman Monarchy

Roman Government of the Republic:

Penguin Atlas of World History Roman Republic

Interactive history from ‘Maps as History’

The Romans separate themselves from their Etruscan kings, with the expulsion of Tarquinius Superbus, establishing the early Early Republic Timeline.

Of particular importance is the historic struggle of Rome to maintain its Republican ideal in the face of the pressures of a global empire.

Punic War
The Mediterranean at the time of the 2nd Punic War

The Roman Republic, in gaining control of Italy, finds itself facing Magna Graeca, followed by Carthage.  These wars bring Rome into contact with the entities to the east.  See The Conquest of the Mediterranean, a timeline covering the events leading to social upheaval in Rome.

The Fall of the Republic , a timeline covering the events between the slave wars and the assassination of Julius Caesar.

Examine a presentation concerning the ‘Social War’

social wars

Reading Guides for the Penguin edition of ‘Cicero: Selected Works’

Part I of the Second Philippic against Antony Cicero Reading Guide



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