Western Civilization

What is Europe? What is Western Civilization? Some matter for thought here.

Find Episode 1 of Kenneth Clark’s ‘Civilization’ here.

Whether we understand the genesis of Western Civilization as begun with the Greeks or the Church, we have an idea of what it is and is not.  Enemies of Western Civilization still exist as they have throughout the history of our culture.  Oddly, many of them were raised in the privilege of the western experience, proving the axiom that “civilizations are conquered from within long before they succumb to the enemies from without”.

The Triumph of the West

Working Hypothesis

You have come upon an interesting topic area. Write three paragraphs concerning each topic you intend to investigate.

1. Interests you.
2. Interests us.
3. Can be researched.

Begin with a sentence expression a working hypothesis. What do you think you will find, or what do you think is happening? Proceed to what you think should happen or what you think we should think about the topic. This Hypothesis must have a modal construction, making a statement of status quo and what should be done or thought of it. The modal component comes from a ‘should’ question. This will lead to a ‘should’ as an imperative.

The problem that confronts us here is one of INVENTION. Consult your commonplace. The notes you write to yourself and quotes that interest you in things you have read are jumping off points for development of interesting ideas. Employ the commonplace as a starting point, and ask yourself questions using the FIVE COMMON TOPICS, making possible statements concerning the subject. When you have a list of possibles, choose another commonplace, and repeat.