Three Activities of the Mind

1.  Apprehension:  The formation of Ideas and their associtation with Terms.  The subject of Material Logic.

  • Sense Perception – Percept
  • Sense Memory – Phantasm
  • Simple Apprehension (Abstraction) – Idea, or Concept

Product of Apprehension: A Term.

2.  Judgement:  The evaluation of logical relations of Terms, when formed in statements these relationships may be judged to be true (ontological conformity), or false.

Product of Judgement:  A Proposition.

3.  Inference: Given a series of particulars, a universal may be inferred by induction, while by a relation of universals to particulars a deduction may be inferred.

Product of Inference:  A Conclusion

Three Laws of Reason

1.  Identity:  X=X

2.  Non Contradiction X: does not = -X

3.  Excluded Middle:  X is not both X and -X