Mathematics is the art of recognizing numerical patterns in God’s revelation. – Michaela Farrell. (In Lingua Latina: Mathe ̄matica est ars agnoscentis exempla ̄ra numero ̄rum in reve ̄la ̄tio ̄ne De ̄ı.)

  1. Arithmetic is that branch of mathematics dealing with the study of numbers directly, particularly the properties of the traditional operations between them – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. – Wikipedia.
  2.  Algebra is that branch of mathematics dealing with the manipulation of symbols to solve equations and inequalities.
  3. Statistics is that branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data. – Wikipedia



A time period used for the scheduling of Reading Lists and the understanding of historical grammar.  The period is broadly considered to be that time starting at the time of the Church, and lasting until the New Heaven and Earth.

In more common use, the period can be described as the time between St. Augustine and Martin Luther theologically, Aurelius and Renee Descartes epistemologically, between the fall of Rome and the fall of Constantinople politically.  The Medieval period occurs between the Ancient and Modern times.

The Medieval period is further divided into the early (400 – 1000 AD, high (1000 – 1200 AD, and late middle ages (1200 – 1500 AD) .